Saturday, 15 August 2015

Washing bottles and removing labels the easy way

Got old bottles you want to get clean for your next batch? Here it's a sure fire way and ready way to clean bottles of all the dirt that had accumulated in the bottom of them.
Grab one of your pails and fill with water and add one scoop of oxyclean, mix well, and submerge all your dirty beer bottles.
I leave mine in overnight and when i take them out they are sparkly clean.

Makes for a great way to take those labels off the bottles as well. When you pull out your bottles you'll find the labels sitting in the bottom of the bucket.

Be careful the bottles will be slippery when you  remove them. Rinse the bottles very well with clean water and if you have a bottle washer attachment i find that works really well for rinsing out the inside of the bottles.

Remember always use a desanitizer before bottLing your beer.

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